Tiếng Anh Giao Tiếp Cơ Bản

hoc tieng anh qua bai hat Tiếng anh giao tiếp cơ bản là chương trình tổng hợp các tình huống giao tiếp thường ngày nhằm củng cố khả năng giao tiếp tiếng anh của bạn.

Lesson 1: What are you doing?

Lesson 2: What did you do last night?

Lesson 3: What did you see?

Lesson 4: What did you do today John?

Lesson 5: What are you going to do tomorrow?

Lesson 6: Do you like school?

Lesson 7: Hello

Lesson 8: Can (có thể)

Lesson 9: What sports can you play?

Lesson 10: Use to

Lesson 11: Weather (thời tiết)

Lesson 12: Want (muốn)

Lesson 13: Making a phone call

Lesson 14: Visiting a friend

Lesson 15: Greeting and introduction

Lesson 16: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Lesson 17: Ordering food

Lesson 18: Check please

Lesson 19: Meeting a friend

Lesson 20: How old is your car?

Lesson 21: About the train

Lesson 22: A pair of shoes

Lesson 23: Buying a phone

Lesson 24: Directions to the toilet

Lesson 25: Make an appointment for later

Lesson 26: Choosing a movie

Lesson 27: What a coincidence!

Lesson 28: Making a date

Lesson 29: Going to the shop

Lesson 30: Wanita

Lesson 31: Passing a message

Lesson 32: Making a reservation

Lesson 33: At the restaurant

Lesson 34: Making a toast

Lesson 35: At the travel agent

Lesson 36: At the airport

Lesson 37: Asking for assistance

Lesson 38: At the hotel

Lesson 39: At the restaurant

Lesson 40: Using different kind of service

Lesson 41: Concierge

Lesson 42: Sight seeing

Lesson 43: Stopping a passerby

Lesson 44: Introduction

Lesson 45: Đi xin việc - giới thiệu bản thân

Lesson 46: Trình độ học vấn

Lesson 47: Previous job experience

Lesson 48: Special Skills

Lesson 49: The ideal job

Lesson 50: thế mạnh của bạn

Lesson 51: sở thích cá nhân ngoài công việc

Lesson 52: Reasons for leaving a previous job

Lesson 53: giải quyết áp lực công việc

Lesson 54: đi công tác

Lesson 55: Why do you want this job?

Lesson 56: Do you have any questions?

Lesson 57: Getting a job offer

Lesson 58: At the restaurant

Lesson 59: A new proposal

Lesson 60: Alternatives

Lesson 61: What’s on the agenda?

Lesson 62: Making a query

Lesson 63: Getting help

Lesson 64: Making an appointment

Lesson 65: have lunch

Lesson 66: Weighing up the options

Lesson 67: Check this before we go will you?

Lesson 68: Meeting

Lesson 69: Offering possibilities

Lesson 70: Planning an important meeting

Lesson 71: Expressing a wish

Lesson 72: Trying to arrange the meeting

Lesson 73: How was the phone call?

Lesson 74: My job description

Lesson 75: How are things?

Lesson 76: Postponing

Lesson 77: New horizons

Lesson 78: The interview

Lesson 79: My job description

Lesson 80: Arriving at my new office

Lesson 81: Talking with my new boss

Lesson 82: The office tour

Lesson 83: Making an appointment

Lesson 84: Answering the telephone and transferring a call

Lesson 85: Greeting a client

Lesson 86: In the meeting

Lesson 87: Handling a complaint

Lesson 88: Joining a marketing meeting

Lesson 89: Performance appraisal

Lesson 90: Planning a business trip

Lesson 91: Where do you come from?

Lesson 92: How was your vacation?

Lesson 93: Do you remember me?

Lesson 94: I like your style

Lesson 95: Family

Lesson 96: Returning a shirt to the store

Lesson 97: Do you have a pet?

Lesson 98: Planning a trip

Lesson 99: What do you want to do after you graduate?

Lesson 100: Hobbies

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